JumpWire Engineering Blog

Announcing our free self-service tier

JumpWire is pleased to announce the availability of our free self-service tier, for teams to try the platform in a dev environment or to run in small production setups with a single database or API.

Trade-offs in early company building - security edition

A discussion of early company building that lays out a framework for investing in security that is not reactive to customer inquiries, audits or incidents.

Anatomy of a Data Leak - Capital One edition

An in-depth analysis of a 2019 data breach affecting 100+ million customers of the U.S. bank Capital One, specifically how it exposed complicated risks inherent in cloud security.

In-Memory Distributed State with Delta CRDTs

How to utilize delta conflict-free replicated data types for managing distributed cache or configuration state on an Elixir cluster.

SvelteKit Path Based Navigation

This post describes how to leverage rich, dynamic path-based navigation using SvelteKit to manage state in Svelte Components, building on the routing capabilities and Svelte stores that SvelteKit provides to represent path and navigation state.