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E2E Reactivity using Svelte with Phoenix LiveView

Svelte's reactive component properties beautifully combine with LiveView's web socket assignments and state management, to create web applications that are reactive from the database to the browser unlike any other.

Compromises of AWS server-side encryption

This post outlines how encryption is used as a data security measure, and examines "server-side encryption" in Amazon Web Services to highlight how it fails to implement those safeguards.

DBConnection Pooling Deep Dive

A deep dive on how pooled connections work in the Elixir DBConnection library.

Announcing our free self-service tier

JumpWire is pleased to announce the availability of our free self-service tier, for teams to try the platform in a dev environment or to run in small production setups with a single database or API.

Trade-offs in early company building - security edition

A discussion of early company building that lays out a framework for investing in security that is not reactive to customer inquiries, audits or incidents.

Anatomy of a Data Leak - Capital One edition

An in-depth analysis of a 2019 data breach affecting 100+ million customers of the U.S. bank Capital One, specifically how it exposed complicated risks inherent in cloud security.

Previous posts

In-Memory Distributed State with Delta CRDTs

How to utilize delta conflict-free replicated data types for managing distributed cache or configuration state on an Elixir cluster.

SvelteKit Path Based Navigation

This post describes how to leverage rich, dynamic path-based navigation using SvelteKit to manage state in Svelte Components, building on the routing capabilities and Svelte stores that SvelteKit provides to represent path and navigation state.