enforce data security with no code changes.

JumpWire makes it easy to secure data across any application stack.

By proxying requests to databases or APIs and inspecting their payloads, JumpWire identifies fields that need special handling and transforms the data in place.

JumpWire Overview

Use Cases

Collect sensitive data from your applications.
Remove the burden of security from developers.

JumpWire is designed to complement information security programs such as SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA and PCI. Easily reference your existing data classifications to data handling policies enforced by JumpWire. Assign classifications directly to fields in your data with a flexible labeling system. JumpWire also makes audit observation periods painless by providing reports and integrating with popular compliance monitors like Vanta, Drata and Tugboat.

Transparent field level data handling

Personally identifiable information and other sensitive data can be securely stored in your primary database, without changing any application code. Setup your policies and data classifications, update the configuration of your services to connect to JumpWire, and we do the rest!

Transparent field level data handling

Map schemas to your data classification program

Data handling decisions are based on schema labels and data classifications. If you have a data classification program in place or will be implementing one in the future, JumpWire maps directly to that. These controls provide consistent security enforcement while keeping the maintenance burden low as the shape of your data changes over time.

Map schemas to your data classification program

Automatic schema loading

When connecting a new data endpoint, JumpWire will automatically generate schemas for data handling enforcement. JumpWire can create schemas from SQL database tables, GraphQL endpoints, Swagger specifications, and more.

Automatic schema loading

Label sensitive fields

Many fields containing PII can be detected and labeled automatically when JumpWire finds a new schema. Additional labels can easily be added or changed as needed.

Label sensitive fields

On-premise deployment

JumpWire deploys into your cloud environment so data never needs to leave your network. No external dependencies are needed, improving both the reliability and security of your system architecture.

On-premise deployment

Feature Support

JumpWire supports the world's most popular databases,
and all frameworks/drivers through protocol-level integration

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL/MariaDB

  • AWS DynamoDB (beta)

  • AWS S3 (beta)

  • Field encryption, tokenization, masking and redaction

  • Audit record access by field or query

  • Schema discovery and auto labeling

  • Fully-reversible data migrations to encrypt/decrypt in place

  • SSL support

Protect Your Data

If maintaining complex access rules keeps you up at night, JumpWire can help!